CityStoryMetroIconDifficulty: ** Quality: °°° Age: 7+




For: Ipad and Iphone

A gobsmacking amazing game where you are in a modern city, with modern people, modern cars and, the best thing of all, YOU ARE IN CHARGE!!!


In this game you can not only build great facilities, homes or factories, you can also finish quests, pay visits to online players and watch your citizens pay their huge hourly taxes.

However, playing this game is no piece of cake: you start off with a few low leveled houses, one factory, a restaurant and a road through your city. You then get quests from your secretary who will lead you to succes and cash.

Many who play this game get very agitated because of the ads that keep appearing in quests trying to persuade you with all tools possible to buy an app such as candy crush. There are even posters on the ouskirts of your town!

All together, this is a fun and slightly addicting city builder app.

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Asphalt 8 app iconDiffculty: ***to**** Quality: °°°° Age: 9+
For: Iphone, Ipad, & Android.

Tearing up the tracks like they were made out of dust, you can hit the race like never before!!!


Following on from Asphalt 7, this stunning race game lets you start off with a Audi R8 e-tron and 5 brand new campaign levels, from the rainy streets of Tokyo, to the slippery snow covered roads in Iceland. In this game, like all other racing games, it’s all about winning. However, you can also play hardcore in multiplayer or singleplayer by simply crashing into the other players’ car (as shown above). The damage you inflict will have no impact on the players’ money or new quests in the game, (the car spawns again automatically) it can only slow him down, giving his position in the race to you.

All in all, this is a good and slightly addictive game mostly from the amazingly realistic graphics made possible by a popular game app producer, Gameloft.

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Difficulty: **/*** Quality: °° Age: 5+ Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-15 um 09.01.52

For: Video game consoles, PC, all IOS devices and smartphones.

A fascinating game that once won the game of the year award, was later developed in different versions, for example Angry Birds Starwars or Angry Birds Space. Made by the makers of Rovio, this game is played by millions of people, old and young.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-15 um 09.03.42

Angry Birds is a game where there are more than 50 levels, each harder than the one before. Having a wide range of  ‘angry’ birds, (some explode) you catapult them onto different buildings out of different materials which contain mischievous little green pigs. You have to hit them all to win the level and go to the next. However, if you miss one pig, you either have to restart the level or quit to the home menu.

The addiction in the game is huge mostly because you are striving to finish the game as soon as possible.

You might have been looking at the larger picture above thinking: ‘violence.’ However, I have a reason rating it 5+. This is a post written on a Yahoo argument for age ratings on Angry Birds:

“It’s not violent at all. We have a family iPad and my 4-year-old and 5-year-old play Angry Birds all the time. If you don’t want your son playing it that’s your choice, but I think a mixture of Angry Birds and some educational games would be a healthy medium.”

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How it works

I will be telling you in which devices (tablets or computers) the games are available.

Each review is about a different game app and these game apps are firstly rated, introduced, explained and then critisized.

I rate with stars: The maximum amount I can give is five stars. One star means that it’s too easy to play. Two stars mean that it is easy to play, three stars mean that the game is somewhere in the middle of the scale, four stars are difficult and five stars are hard; these are my personal opinions.

Then I have a quality scale. It indicates if a game has good graphics, has some kind of 3D in it and mainly it’s about the details.

In the age rating scale I show if the layout and content is appropriate for the indicated age.

Now that you know all this, you can start seeing the apps that are rated good, or just scan through them. HAVE FUN!!!

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A Little War

A LITTLE WAR TITLEDifficulty: ** Quality: °°° Age: 7+

For: Ipad, New Ipad,Ipad Mini, Iphone4,4s.

In the “Lord of the Rings” you might have seen two mighty armies crash into each other like in the final battle. Well, in this app, you can do just the same!!!

This game starts you off with four trusty swordsmen and one normal hero. When you start your first battle, you will see the opponent who is the goblin king and his army is going to advance to yours. Of course, you can also move either your hero or your men by pressing the two buttons at the bottom left.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-15 um 08.48.36

When arrived, his goblins will fight against the soldiers and if you want, you can send the hero in the fray too, to finish the king off.

All together, it’s quite a fun game mostly because you can have 100 levels to play and even buy a hundred fully upgraded troops. However, it can also become too addictive because of the shameful losses you could get by seeing your hero go K.O. in slow motion.

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